Sports Performance

Sports Performance Training

Sports are 90% Mental

What is the difference between a good athlete and an elite athlete? The ability to integrate vision, movement, balance, and coordination that results in movement efficiency.


At Zen Den, we go beyond standard strengthening and conditioning regiments. We train athletes to sync together their vision, balance, coordination and strength under pressure.


In our Sports Performance Clinic, we offer comprehensive training and treat compensatory movement patterns that most athletes don’t even know are impeding their progress. Our training focuses on the following:

  • Structural Alignment
  • Past Injuries
  • Current Compensatory Movement Patterns
  • Balance
  • Activate Dormant Muscles
  • Inhibit Overworked Muscles
  • Enhance Joint Function
  • Increase Functional Weakness & Endurance

Sports Vision Training

Our Sports Performance Clinic includes an area of focus not treated through most sports training programs.


At Zen Den, we recognize that good vision is critical to peak performance. Our eyes send messages to the brain which translate to movement, balance and agility. Our Sport Vision Training program improves depth perception, peripheral vision, and ensures both eyes are strong and working together—most of us have a dominant eye and a weaker one that needs to be treated.

More that Makes Zen Den Unique

Co-owner and Founder of Zen Den, Mary Kim-Garrity, has created a training protocol called CorrectiveX which is used to correct muscle firing patterns and ensure that the brain and muscular-skeletal system are working in sync. CorrectiveX’s protocol of core strengthening and balance therapies is used by manual therapists and trainers around the country.


CorrectiveX treatment utilizes BioCored suspension equipment which forces the body to sync strength, flexibility and balance.


The Sports Performance Clinic also offers extensive services for athletes recovering from injuries. Learn more about our Injury & Chronic Pain Clinic.

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