Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Norwell

Infrared Sauna heals your body on a cellular level.


An infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna because it uses light to create heat instead of using heat to warm the air which then warms your body. If you don’t prefer the high temperatures of a traditional sauna, then infrared sauna Norwell may be right for you.

Infrared Sauna Norwell

Infrared sauna health benefits:

  • Lose weight because you’re burning calories are a high rate (600 per hour when the sauna is heated to maximum capacity)
  • Release toxins at a rate 7X higher than a traditional sauna
  • Relieve aches and pain
  • Increase your circulation
  • Elevates mood and alleviates depression and SAD
  • Relax

Research studies of infrared sauna


Several studies have been done which show some improvement in health conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, headache, and rheumatoid arthritis. While more rigorous studies on the benefits of infrared sauna still need to be done, no adverse health effects have been reported.

Read the HealthLine article on the benefits of infrared sauna.

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