Flotation Therapy

Float Therapy Norwell

Zen Den is the only place on the South Shore that offers Float Therapy.


Read about Float Therapy Norwell from Zen Den in the Boston Herald. Click here to read the article.

Float Therapy has been around for decades but recently has experienced a boost in popularity due to many celebrities and athletes praising its benefits. Schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of float therapy Norwell.

Tom Brady does it. So do Olympic athletes and Navy Seals.

float therapy Norwell

Experience the benefits of float therapy


  • Relax
  • Recover from sports
  • Heal injuries
  • Relieve tired and achy muscles
  • Treating depression and anxiety
  • Ideal environment for meditation
  • Athletes can practice visualization drills

Enjoy 1 hour in our state-of-the-art float tank


Enjoy this restorative therapy in a state-of-the-art float tank. The water has such a high concentration of salt that it is effortless to float. One hour in the float tank is equal to 8 hours of REM sleep.


Float to relax, recover from sports, and heal injuries. Relieve tired and achy muscles. Float Therapy also can be beneficial in treating depression and anxiety.


Float Therapy provides an ideal environment for meditation, and elite athletes float while doing their visualization drills.


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Single Float Therapy Session

60 Minutes

Float Therapy Session

Schedule a one-on-one concierge visit with our staff. Together we’ll customize a wellness program that meets your personal needs and goals.