Suspension exercises to relieve chronic pain.

CorrectiveX™ , is an effective methodology developed by Zen Den Founder Mary Kim-Garrity, to address chronic pain.


BioMechanical wire shortages can happen to our bodies at any time. The brain just needs the right stimulation to draw attention to what is going wrong in the body. That feedback loop should occur naturally but sometimes that loop can get blocked by tight muscles, jammed joints, muscle inhibition and a variety of other common issues.  When the feedback loop is blocked, the brain literally stops paying attention. The consequence is pain. After pain comes compensation, inflammation and weaker neural feedback.


You will be taught how to identify the issue and give the appropriate “stim” to your clients brain. If your client’s brain likes the stimulation given by the Controlled Instability and buoyancy of BioCored’s Buoyancy technology.  After feedback loops are re-established you will learn the tools to tap into the higher order systems of the brain to SEAL the strong feedback loop into gait.


As an Athletic Trainer, Pilates teacher, Rolfer (structural therapy), yoga teacher I was drawn toward enhancing movement efficiency in my clients’ bodies.  I have gathered many many tools in my toolbox.  The only tool that was missing was the one that could make those positive changes last.  BioCored CorrectiveX is that tool.

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