A certification program combining suspension training and buoyancy.

BioCored™, is an effective methodology developed by Zen Den Founder Mary Kim-Garrity, to address chronic pain.


BioCored CorrectiveX™ is a certification program using suspension training equipment with buoyancy, utilizing adjustable bungees to support the user. Thus giving the fitness/therapy professional the ability to enhance joint mobility, core stability, and strengthen the neural system to improve unbalanced or dysfunctional movement patterns. When an assessment is made using CorrectiveX protocols, the trainer is then able to make significant improvements to muscle firing patterns and strengthen the relationship among the body, central nervous system and the brain.


There is science to support the idea that the healing processes is restored from the disruption of mind, body and spirit that happens to all of us through everyday stresses, poor eating habits and spiritual disconnection that distance us from the natural balance we were all born with – homeostasis.


Scientists once believed that changes to the brain no longer occurred after the first four years of a person’s life. Current research indicates that neuroplasticity is possible throughout a person’s life. Neuroplasticity is the revolutionary discovery that the brain can change itself, no matter a person’s age. The term refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses that are due to changes in behavior, environment and physical exercise. The role of neuroplasticity is widely recognized in healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery from physical injury.


CorrectiveX™ physical exercises trigger biochemical changes that spur neuroplasticity, helping us achieve balanced and healthy mind-body-spirit connections and returning us to homeostasis.

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