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Pain Clinics at Zen Den:

Our Pain Clinics are led by a true clinician and thought leader.  Mary Kim-Garrity’s formulated process that includes neural, muscular, structural, movement and an integrative process to turnabout chronic pain, scoliosis and concussion.  “Mary thinks outside of the box.” As an Athletic Trainer, Rolfer, Structural Therapist, Neuro-mechanics Master Trainer, CorrectiveX Master Trainer, Pilates Educator, Yoga teacher and other modalities. She has taken her education, credentials and certifications plus her 20 plus years as a clinician and created a System for pain called CorrectiveX.

Mary, owner of Zen Den is a profoundly educated and certified practitioner of everything rehabilitative for human movement. Her formulated process  CorrectiveX™ has helped tens of thousands of clients who were living in pain or a regressive state.  Pain is degenerative in nature. CorrectiveX™ is regenerative because we work the structure, the neuromuscular network, practice precise functional movement and rewire the new movement pattern into the movement maps of the brain of each client. Rewiring your new movement pattern is called neuroplasticity.
“My work is to defy degeneration in my clients. To stop pain in it’s tracks. Correct dysfunctional movement and compensation. And most of all to give HOPE back to every client.” My whole career was focused on creating CorrectiveX™. The CorrectiveX™ process is heavily based in enhancing movement efficiency and rewiring that movement efficiency into the brain and spine.
For practitioners who want to learn the CorrectiveX Protocols, it takes two years of course work and apprenticeship in Zen Den CorrectiveX™ Clinics.
For clients the CorrectiveX Pain Clinics is where miracles happen. Pain evacuates, the brain is rewired and quality movement is restored

Her team of manual therapists, movement therapists and others train with Mary in a 2 year apprentice program. The motto of the Zen Den Pain Clinics is that “Movement is therapy.”  Her team combines cutting edge neuroscience with manual and movement therapy that is second to none.  If you are in pain, have scoliosis, concussion, migraines, injuries or other conditions that have changed the quality of your life, Zen Den Clinics, Mary and her team will help you live your best life.

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