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Meet Chris. When she started Pilates, she had back pain. Then she got married and had two babies within 15 months. She worked out throughout her pregnancies, recovered quickly but had obviously gained weight.  She lost her baby weight (and then some) with both babies within 3 months.
Meet Eileen. She is married and in her sixties. When she started, she was a size 14. Within a year, she was a size 8. She maintained that size for several years. Then she decided she wanted to train for the Falmouth road race while continuing her personal training. She is now a size 4.
Meet Ray. He is in his late fifties. When I met Ray, he was 60 plus pounds over weight. His wife brought him to us after her successful body makeover. He lost 75 lbs in one year by coming in 3 times per week. He DID reduce his beer consumption, which helped!


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