Sensory Therapies explained

As an Athletic Trainer, I have learned how the sensory system effects everything from Walking, Talking, Peformance, our perception of the world and yes PAIN

To me, Sensory deficits = LIMITATION

I have trained thousands of athletes in Sports Vision, Balance, Awareness and other sensory INPUTS.  The results are amazing and immediate.

How does a goalie save a puck when his depth perception is not pristine?

How does a basketball player shoot a foul shot when he perceives the basket is further away than it really is?

How does a football player throw a spiral when his spinal reflexes are off?

How does a wide receiver catch a ball when his balance is diminished?

Our sensory motor system is incredibly sensitive. I have seen so many issues develop with antibiotics, stress, concussion, falling, food allergies, car accidents and the list goes on and on. Why wouldn’t you want to have a Sensory Checklist to see how well your visual, vestibular and other motor cortex skills are functioning.

Sensory therapies are key to movement, function and focus. Who needs them?

  •  kid who wants to make the A team
  • the person who falls asleep while reading
  • the person lacking balance
  • goalies who want to save more
  • Varsity tryouts or any tryouts
  • Vertigo
  • Motion sickness
  • the track athlete who wants to run faster
  • the athlete who wants to jump higher or farther

Find out more by texting 781-424-0488. Tell me what the problem is in your text.


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