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“The heart of a champion is in you. And if you don’t believe that, you need a better coach!”   –Tom Brady 

Many sports require not only good physical skills, but a strong mental agility as well. Especially at elite levels where hundredths of a second or tenths of an inch separate the winner from his opponent. The extra edge in time or space can be extremely crucial.

Athletic movement is composed of an incredibly complex set of interactions between three maps in your motor cortex.

  • Your visual system,
  • Your vestibular system,
  • Your awareness systems

Your Motor Cortex is your body’s GPS – a combination of neural maps and signals designed to help you move efficiently. As and Athletic Trainer who understands how to train the motor cortex, I have adopted this athletic training to chronic pain. I then added the concept of “Controlled Instability” to get the brain’s attention.  Once the brain is aware that signaling is faulty, the brain turns the volume up on some signals while decreasing the volume on overactive signals.

There are so many training programs for athletes. 99% of them focus on physical training. As many athletes in professional sports already know, playing a sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. And the body is programmed by the brain, by the mental, by the neural networks. We will train that 90%

Sports performance is about working on all cylinders.   Mental agility requires sports motor cortex training. At Zen Den Sports Performance, we train the mental components of the game while we sharpen the reflexes of the brain and  work with the motor cortex.  Sounds complex but we call our program. SPRRy Sports Performance Reflexive Response training.  The word spry is a synonym for agility so we added the “y.”

We have all heard the term “being in the zone.”  We are redefining that zone with SPRRy. Because “the zone” needs to be trained into the athlete.

Who is SPRRy for? The athlete who wants to make the A team or the next level up. The athlete who has inconsistent performance. The athlete with anxiety. The athlete knows exactly what they “suck at.” The athlete that wants to be stronger, faster, sharper. The athlete’s mental training begins and ends with SPRRy. Want to learn more? Text SPRRy to 781-424-0953 or fill out the form below. We can talk about SPRRy for an hour or we can show you in 5 minutes.

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