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Chronic Pain is at epidemic levels in this country and throughout the world.

Concussions, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Post Joint Replacement, Post Partum, Scoliosis, Sprains & Strains could benefit from our pain clinic.


What is a Pain Assessment (PA)?

You provide information for how you are feeling. A medical history, pain questionnaire and interview. From there, I will evaluate your movements via a Movement Assessment. Essentially I am looking for “normal” muscle firing patterns.  If there is pain, muscle firing patterns tend to be altered.  Pain can cause Pain Induced Muscle Inhibition (PIMI).  The body learns how to compensate when pain shuts a muscle group off.  Unfortunately, if you practice moving with compensatory strategies, you get GOOD at compensating.

Within the movement screen, I will stop you, put you on the treatment table and palpate muscles that indicate that they are dormant, overused or knotted.  I will loosen tight, knotted muscles and activate dormant muscles and integrate these new movement strategies into your normal movements. I combine manual therapies, movement therapies, BioCored Muscle Activation, stretching, joint mobility and I add a neural (brain) portion. This integrates the three higher order neural systems with your movements. 

The average number of sessions that people needed in the Bad Back Program used to be 20-30 sessions.  Now the average number of sessions is between 3-8. Practice, experience, new tools!  –Mary Kim-Garrity

Is the PA covered by insurance?  

Sometimes.  It depends upon your policy.  Back & Body does not bill insurance. We bill you with a documented receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company.

Will I feel better after the PA?  

Yes, this 75-90 minute session is about assessing, trying a movement then re-assessing.  We will write down the drills that worked and continue.  Chronic pain is never EASY to address.  Pain is tied to our physical being and emotional states.  We address both throughout the process of making you feel better.

How long will I feel better after the PA?

The answer is, it depends!  It depends on your ability to heal, how often you do your homework and if compensatory strategies stay dormant.

How much is a PA?

Prior to answering this question, I need to clarify how other pain management businesses operate.  Due to insurance limitations, some practitioners must see 3-6 people an hour. I spend all of my time with you. Gathering information, assessing movements, compensatory movement patterns, looking at historical data. So our time together, we focus on you.  The 75-90 minute assessment is $190.  Individual sessions after the PA are between 75-150/session.

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