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About The Owner: Meet Mary Kim-Garrity

M A R Y  K I M – G A R R I T Y 

Athletic Trainer, Structural & Manual Therapist, CorrectiveX Founder & Educator, Owner 

Mary Kim-Garrity is the founder of Zen Den™, BioCored™, CorrectiveX™, SuspensionX™, Functional Neurology™ and Back & Body™. She is a seasoned movement coach,  Rolfer, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher Trainer, SuspensionX Master Trainer, CorrectiveX Master Trainer, Manual Therapist and Neuroplasticity (rewiring of the brain) movement Specialist with over 20 years of experience.

Mary’s Story by Jennifer Donnelly

My first interview with Mary was an assignment for a local radio station in Boston. She had just won the “Best In Boston” award from the Improper Bostonian in the mid 90’s. Her interview was one of the most memorable interviews of my career. She was poised, beautiful and well spoken but that wasn’t what stood out. It was one sentence; “I run to work everyday because I know I can make a difference!” That statement changed the direction of my life. I knew in that moment that I wanted to live that life! That statement took me from working to get paid to living in passion. I quit my job and I studied under her in Boston for several years. Mary is a genius and is so generous with her knowledge and her time. So I was delighted when she asked me to write on her blog. I personally believe that Mary is an “Outlier.” The book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell talks about people in history who were born in the perfect circumstances to become the people they were meant to be. Mary’s parents immigrated to the US in the early 60’s from South Korea. Her father was the World Champion in Judo and among other things, coached the US Olympic Judo Team. Her mom studied medicine and pharmacology at the University of Pittsburgh where she earned her PHD. So the jock married the scientist and Mary becomes the “scientist to the pro athlete.” I believe that Mary was born to be the clinician-healer-magician that she has worked so hard to become. And to most, what she does is nothing short of miraculous. 

Mary took her circumstances and opportunities with her rebel nature and is changing the way that practitioners work against chronic pain. She was, in my mind, destined to change the world of chronic pain therapy. She was born into the perfect set of circumstances and asserted herself to use her mind and imagination to reshape movement therapies. She manifests her life like no one I have ever met. Mary refused to resign to traditional rules and protocols and studied harder than anybody I know. She read over 300 non-fiction books in 2015, alone. Her methodology arose by taking the best theories and techniques from Athletic Training, Rolfing, Manual Therapy, Structural Integration, Sports Vision Training, Neurology, Pilates, Yoga, psychology, sociology, physics, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and put them together to create the renowned Zen Den Clinics™ once known as the Bad Back Program. 

Mary has hundreds of disciples all over the US. And she has worked so successfully with tens of thousands of clients in the past 20 plus years. So her methodologies continue to put a dent into the millions of Americans who suffer everyday. I am one of her proud disciples who has helped thousands of people myself over the past 15 years.

I retired a few years ago due to my battle with cancer. Mary has supported me emotionally, spiritually and in the past six years, financially.  She is a dear friend, a Healer, an Angel and one of the most generous human beings on the planet. She was destined to open Zen Den and Zen Den Foundation. 

Oh and by the way, she did all of this work while raising 3 stunningly beautiful, soulful, bright, gifted, athletic and conscious children as a single mom. I have no doubt that Madi, Grant and Luke will be trailblazers who will also “make a difference.” 


“Success is not a random act. It arises out of a predictable and powerful set of circumstances and opportunities.”

“If you work hard enough, assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.”

Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers

“Nothing that I do is an original thought. It is how I integrate the methodologies that created CorrectiveX™ and Zen Den Clinics™. I am a clinician that doesn’t get attached to a result. If what I try with my client doesn’t work, I just try something else. The current models of physical therapies do not work when the therapist can only spend 10-15 minutes with their patients and due to insurance restrictions can only work the knee, even if the real issue is in the hip.  I spend an hour to 90 minutes with a client. And in our clinics, one client could work with up to 3 practitioners within a single session.” 

“Living without pain means unlimited movement without having to think about it.”

Mary Kim-Garrity

“Running, walking, turning, lifting and  bending are all functional movements.  Just because you have pain walking up the stairs, does not mean you can no longer walk up the stairs. That pain signal is a message to you that something is wrong. Most people just avoid what causes pain.  In my world with professional athletes and college athletes, I cannot tell the quarterback “so if your shoulder hurts when you throw the football, stop throwing the football. I have to figure out what is causing the pain. Is it global (sensory motor system) or is it local (in the joint or muscle).  It is my job to keep the athlete mobile, agile and functional.  I use this same approach for all of my clients. I do not believe in “sitting out of life.” My therapies include cutting edge neuroscience and movement-manual therapies. One without the other will only be a partial solution. Most of my clients who are in pain have been told to “stop moving.”   I suggest that there may be a better way to approach pain and movement. We will give you strategies that will keep you in the game! –Mary 

Our philosophy is simple: Movement is therapy for the brain, body and soul.

Mary offers her clients a pedigree of expertise unlike any other.  She has spent over twenty years as a fitness professional, winning countless awards, including “Best in Boston-Instructor”.  Her specialties include movement and manual therapies.

Mary receives continuous inspiration from her father, Grand Master Kyu Ha Kim.  He is a former US Olypmic Team Coach for the sport of Judo and is currently the highest ranking Judo Practitioner in the world.  Pilates, Martial Arts, Yoga and Dance have been a part of Mary’s life since she was five years old.  

Additionally, Mary has presented at national and international fitness conferences since 1987 and has owned studios in Boston and in Pittsburgh.


  • Winner “Best in Boston” – best instructor

  • Certified Neural Movement Specialist

  • Certified by The Pilates Method Alliance

  • Athletic Trainer

  • Winner Health Advocate Award 2010

  • Citizenship Award for her work with wounded veterans

  • Rolfer-Manual Therapist

  • Educator – BioCored, The Pilates Institute, McEntire Pilates Teacher Training

  • Presented at IHRSA -the association of quality clubs

  • Z Health Advanced Trainer

  • Presented at National YMCA conventions

  • Presented at National Association for Physical Education and Recreation

  • Presented at Pilates Method Alliance Conference

  • Comprehensively trained in both Classical and Contemporary Pilates Styles

To Relieve Chronic Pain and Enhance Athletic Performance….EVERY CLIENT MUST:





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