Mid-Back Pain or thoracic spine pain is usually related to ribs and intercostal musculature. We can help you with this!  

–Mary Kim-Garrity

 Most of my clients can relate to this statement by Jack Johanson.  When a client throws out their back, it is while doing normal things:

  • putting on your socks
  • turning to get something out of the car
  • sleeping wrong
  • stress

Mid back and scapular pain relief

Many of my clients blame old injuries for their pain.  Injuries that are from 10, 15 and even 30 years ago are typically healed but the pain pathway is very paved and utilized.  At the very most, an old injury may still have pain induced muscle inhibition (a muscle or muscles are turned off).  The pain turned the muscle off to protect the body and the “re-activation” of muscle(s) many not have happened.  Most of the time, that old pain pathway is just the brain trying to communicate through the body.  Re-booting specific joints to activate dormant muscles is the key to improving function.

However, most of the time pain is the message from the brain is usually stating that something is wrong.
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