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It is estimated that over 100 million adults were never diagnosed with ADD, ADHD. Lack of focus or concentration is at epidemic levels in this country. I am not a neurologist but I have developed protocols and methodology  to work with the higher order neural systems. Feedback loops that may have become disorganized because our eyes are not binocular at all distances. I will assess and strengthen the higher order systems of the brain to effect change in focus.

The brain is very adaptable-Neuroplasticity

The maps in the brain as it relates to the visual system, data collection and organization are vast and varied. What do these systems have to do with focus and concentration.  If both sides of the brain are not integrated, it is very difficult for the individual to think well or move well.  If the higher order systems of the brain are not integrated or if one of the systems is weak, movement and focus become very difficult.


Jacob was 12 and is considered “awkward and uncoordinated.” When Jacob came in, I could see that his eyes were not converging (working together). We did some visual assessments and saw that Jacob’s visual field is very narrow and his eyes were not working together. Jacob, like most kids is used to game boys, nintendo and his visual field has gotten smaller and smaller. When I expanded his world-view through eye exercises and drills, he stopped tripping over his own feet. With further assessment, I realized that Jacob had difficulty with balance as well. We strengthened his vestibular system and integrated it with the visual system. The difference was very noticeable to Jacob and his parents. He didn’t suffer from motion sickness any longer. He was able to read for longer periods of time without falling asleep. He wasn’t afraid to participate in gym class. Long story short, Jacob is now playing varsity soccer and feels very confident in himself.


If you are interested in having an attention screening, contact us. You won’t believe how quickly the changes will happen. And the more you practice, the better you will get at organizing data in your brain. This helps with short term memory and moving your body better.  Weird but true.

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