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Vestibular disorders, or vertigo, involve the bones and crystals in the inner ear. When the crystals in the balance center of the inner ear are disrupted by medication, movement, dizziness, accident, concussion, an individual can become dizzy or have the sensation that they are spinning. Although it is an optical illusion, symptoms can be so severe that the individual can’t move their head or body without making things worse. Your practitioner will perform vestibular and visual assessments  to determine if your symptoms are linked to an inner ear problem. Your therapist will then assess the stimulations that will be part of your treatment plan to realign the crystals through various specific motions. Most patients feel a difference immediately. Highly recommended over the often prescribed bed rest or aggressive RX


Balance is a skill.  When is the last time you practiced balance?  Poor balance is not a function of age, it is caused by lack of practice.  Some people call lack of balance vertigo but this is not accurate.  Balance lives in the vestibular system of the brain. The vestibular system is very sensitive and responds to head and eye movements.  Without our vestibular, we would not be able to hold a visual gaze, hold our head upright or walk.

Many individuals start to lose their balance as they age. This can be for a variety of reasons that may include loss of flexibility, loss of strength, inner ear issues, and even eyesight problems. These limitations can easily lead to falls at home or in the community causing a significant amount of injuries, hospitalizations and even death. Our fall prevention program evaluates the individual and develops a program to improve your balance and assure safety when at your home and in the community. If you are over 50 and have fallen, you have a 90% risk of falling again.  So come to Zen Den and let us rehab your balance system.

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