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At Zen Den we have many, many services and practitioners all under one roof. So to help you get started we have created an easy way to answer all your questions and gather information about your stresses and needs. From there, we tailor the right program to help you live your VERY BEST LIFE!


1. SEE WELL – Regardless of the sport or activity, great visual skills tend to be a pre-requisite for high performance. Poor vision has ramifications that reach into every facet of life – from posture, pain and movement issues all the way to reading comprehension, cognition and even emotional states. Knowing that vision skills are pervasive in every aspect of life, it should be clear that regardless of the “sport” your athlete plays, better visual capacity can lead to better performance.

2. BALANCE WELL – As you think back to Level I, you will hopefully remember that from a neurological perspective it is very difficult to separate vision from balance. The fact is that our relationship to gravity is the single most profound, long-term “designer” of our body. As a result, even small inconsistencies or problems in our balance system can have a huge impact on our overall performance in life. So, once again, regardless of your athlete’s sport of choice – a healthy, functional balance system is a huge key to forward progress.

3. MOVE WELL – We have been discussing movement since your very first introduction to vision training so it should come as no surprise that we will continue to focus on ultra-efficient movement skill development. There are four really important reasons from our perspective that every client you have can benefit from learning better athletic movement skills:

  • Developing athletic skills increases our available training options.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, athletic movement practice can help quickly decrease or even      eliminate pain in some clients who have not responded to Level I & II
  • Athletic movement brings FUN into the fitness equation.
  • Finally, and most obviously, building athletic movement skills can make us much better at     PLAYING sports.

4. INTEGRATE WELL – As you look at the many tasks that our athletes must perform in any given day, it should be obvious that virtually everything that we do is an ongoing integration challenge. Even something as “simple” as taking a walk with the kids involves “all” of us – presenting challenges to our motor, emotional and cognitive skills sets. Being able to efficiently manage (integrate) all of these tasks is the goal of high-level brain health and function. We believe that Level III training allows us to intelligently and progressively challenge our athletes’ ability to integrate their total body function. Just as vision, balance and movement are skills – so is integration.  As a result, we need to train it to help our athletes optimize their performance in life.

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Float, Massage, Reiki, Infrared

Float, Massage, Reiki, Infrared

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Zen Den Pain & Sports Clinics

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